Family Great Adventure Series

eventsLooking for some family-friendly fun on the beach that’s sure to get everyone smiling as summer winds down? No problem! You and the whole crew will be overjoyed with the final installment of this right-along-the-water event. Remember the date!

About the Event

The Family Great Adventure Series is different each week! It’s a time to gather with friends and family on the beach, partaking in everything from fun activities on the beach that make you think to ones that make you use your muscles, and even movie time on a big screen for all to watch! The next installment’s theme? “Runaway Dino.” You’ll get to do all things dinosaur related and will have the chance to watch The Good Dinosaur (rated PG).

Event Location

This event will take place at 26th Street on the beach.

Event Date and Time

Enjoy this event on August 18, 2016 beginning at 6pm.

Event Admission

It’s free!

Contact Information

For more information, you may call the Virginia Aquarium at (757) 385-3474.