Quick Q&A Session: Contouring

Q&AbulletinOnce you become a bit familiar with bonding, it’s natural to go ahead and get to know another cosmetic treatment that can quickly help you smooth out little problems with the way your smile looks. Get ready to become much more acquainted with dental contouring. Like bonding, it allows you to address little issues, so your smile looks greatly improved. Curious about what to make of contouring and exactly how it differs from bonding? Allow us to help you get to the bottom of these details with a quick Q&A session.

Questions and Answers

Question: In short, what is dental contouring and what does it do?

Answer: Contouring is a cosmetic procedure. It provides us with the ability to carefully re-shape your outer tooth tissue (enamel) into the desired shape and texture for a more beautiful looking smile.

Question: Is dental contouring the same thing as bonding? Are they completely different?

Answer: They have similarities and differences; they are not the same treatment. Contouring takes away excess tissue. Bonding builds up tissue where it is lacking. They both help resolve minor problems that take away from the esthetic soundness of your smile (like small cracks, chips, tooth length issues, shape problems, and texture concerns).

Question: Is contouring something that most patients can afford or does it require a hefty investment?

Answer: Fortunately, both dental contouring and bonding have a reputation not only for quickly addressing concerns but also for offering a budget-friendly way to do so. Speak with us about these options to determine whether you need one or the other (or both).