Your Questions: Tooth Infections

questionmarkswhiteWhen you discover that you need root canal treatment for a tooth infection, one of two things might happen. Number one, you may think to yourself, “Thank goodness! Now my tooth will finally feel better!” Or, number two, you may think to yourself, “What? But my tooth doesn’t even hurt!” As you can see, an infection is not something that is necessarily easy to identify all by yourself. This can lead patients to ask a variety of common questions, which we are happy to answer today!

Questions and Answers: Infection

Question: If I cannot necessarily feel a tooth infection within my mouth, how can I find out if one has begun or if my tooth is entirely healthy? How will I know to schedule a visit?

Answer: This is why we are extremely passionate about your decision to schedule twice-annual checkups and cleanings with us. We will examine your smile twice a year, letting you know the moment anything changes with your oral health. As a result, you have a much greater chance of thoroughly avoiding a tooth infection.

Question: Does that mean that a tooth infection never hurts? What if my tooth hurts, should I schedule a visit before my next six-month checkup?

Answer: It’s possible that decay, infection, or other concerns may result in discomfort. Should this happen then you should certainly schedule a dental visit (even if you already have one planned for the future). We may then choose treatment that will end any existing oral health problem (potentially preventing infection from occurring).

Question: Does my care at home influence whether I get a tooth infection?

Answer: Yes. Keeping your smile as clean as possible offers excellent protection. Brushing and flossing remove the decay- and infection-causing plaque (and its bacteria) from your smile.