2 Embarrassing Questions You Should Ask

2brightWhen you decide a question is embarrassing to ask us during your dental checkup, it’s probably because you think the answer is obvious. Or, perhaps you’re doing something with your dental hygiene that you think might not be a very good idea. The most important thing to remember is that your oral health is the priority. If we can’t help you feel confident about what you’re doing, we can’t help you protect your smile. Do yourself a favor and consider some questions we frequently receive that you just might think are a little embarrassing (and remember to ask us anything you wish during your next visit).

How Do I Brush And Floss?

First of all, there’s nothing wrong with this question during a dental checkup (or any other time). However, you might worry that this is such a basic facet of your oral health that you probably should know every detail imaginable (and that you should have known since you were about 5 years old). Don’t be shy. People of all ages suddenly find that they’re not really certain they know how to brush or floss correctly. Tell us, so we can help. We’ll talk with you about how to do it, how to shop for it, and we’ll even give you some step-by-step instructions while you’re in our chair.

Why Do I Have To Come Here For Checkups?

When you’re sitting in our practice for your dental checkup, you might feel like it’s sort of rude to ask about why you have to be there. However, it’s something we are happy to answer. We understand that since you’re receiving the oral health care (but you don’t know exactly what we’re doing or why), it might seem unimportant. The short answer is that we’re doing all that we can to help you avoid problems, so you can continue keeping your smile healthy with as little work and investment as possible. For the details, please feel free to ask this (and any other question) the next time we see you.