3 Problems That Make Dental Hygiene Difficult

womanworriedDid you know that there are some particular problems that may make it more difficult for you to practice efficient dental hygiene? It’s true. Beyond the fact that you need to find the motivation from within to remain committed to this very important habit, there are some obstacles. Fortunately, we can tell you all about them and even help you carefully navigate away from problems, so your smile stays easy to clean.

#1: Misalignment

Many people are surprised that misalignment can lead to challenges with dental hygiene. To understand why, think about what a perfectly aligned smile looks like. Getting floss between teeth is easy, there’s a uniform surface that is easy to brush, and accessing every tooth surface is a breeze. Now, visualize a smile with crooked teeth, overcrowded teeth, spaces between teeth, or otherwise. Cleaning every surface with ease may become very difficult. You might even feel it impossible to reach and clean certain areas, which makes you more susceptible to decay and other issues.

#2: Tooth Loss

Along the same lines as misalignment, tooth loss can lead to dental hygiene difficulty. This is because your teeth may become misaligned and because food can more easily become lodged in the open area.

#3: Existing Hygiene-Related Disease

If your teeth are already suffering from decay or from something like periodontal disease, you may still do your best with your dental hygiene but the results will not lead to a healthy, clean smile. Of course, it is essential that you continue brushing and flossing. However, your efforts will prove somewhat counterproductive until you agree to come in for a visit, so we can repair your oral health with restorative care.