3 Times Dental Hygiene Isn’t Enough  

3bluewallYou might think to yourself that you’re doing a pretty great job with your dental hygiene. You may even give yourself a pat on the back every now and then because you have made such strides in keeping your brushing and flossing right on track. While these efforts of yours are certainly necessary and definitely worthwhile, you might be overlooking one thing: They’re not enough. Not sure why? Consider some reasons you will need to go above and beyond your care at home to keep your smile in its best condition.

#1: You Already Have A Problem

If you already have an oral health disease affecting your smile or some sort of physical damage, your brushing and flossing are important still. However, they aren’t enough. The problem will lead to further problems even if you’re practicing great dental hygiene. A cavity will grow. A break will break further. Contact us for professional care.

#2: Tartar Is Building Up

Even with your best brushing and flossing, some tartar will form. If you schedule your cleanings with us, we will remove the tartar. If you don’t, the tartar will build up (and your likelihood of experiencing gum disease or cavities will skyrocket).

#3: Your Issue Isn’t Hygiene-Related

Not everything that can go wrong with your smile is related to your dental hygiene. There are, of course, a lot of issues that can occur due to negligent care at home. However, the way your muscles and connective tissue work, the way your jaws function, and the way your teeth fit together are all considered “functional” in nature. If you’re having a related problem, brushing and flossing will not help. You’ll need professional care.