Defining And Dealing With: Malocclusion

womancoveringmouthWhen you are dealing with a smile that is not well aligned, you may find yourself coming in for a visit to find out what you should do. Is it important to make improvements to this oral health concern? Is it really a concern at all? As you explore this topic with us, you will hear us discuss your malocclusion and the potential downfalls to ignoring it, the ways we can help treat it, and more. To introduce you to this topic, we encourage you to begin with a definition and to learn more about how to move forward.

What It Means

Your malocclusion just means “bad bite.” This can refer to the way your teeth are aligned within your smile as well as the way your top and bottom teeth (and jaws) are aligned. As you have noticed, this may affect a variety of issues with your oral health and the way your daily life plays out. You may feel unhappy with your appearance. Eating without discomfort may pose a problem. You might even find that even resting with your teeth together can result in some amount of discomfort or strain.

How To Deal With It

Your malocclusion may lead to significant problems with your oral health if it is severe enough. A mild issue may simply result in your feelings of emotional frustration over your appearance. In order to deal with this problem, we may suggest one of two things: Orthodontic care to move your teeth into alignment. Or, we may suggest cosmetic dentistry to help your smile look more uniform.