Flossing: 2 Reasons Not To Listen To Your Friends

2redUnless your friends are telling you exceptional things about the benefits of flossing, it’s probably a good idea that you steer clear of them as your advice-givers. Instead, we highly recommend you come in and ask us your questions when you’re in doubt or require some clarification. As it turns out, dental hygiene (both brushing and flossing) is absolutely an integral component of cleaning your smile at home. Curious why some of your friends are turning their noses up at flossing (and why you shouldn’t rely on them)? Let’s cover some new ground.

Reason #1: They’re Offering Watered Down Info

Did your friend mention that her friend heard about a news story that says flossing isn’t actually necessary? First and foremost, if you’re trusting watered down news from friends or anyone else, you might want to begin checking the source. In addition, it’s important to remember that dentists are your number one source for oral health details (such as information about the benefits of flossing). If a story insists some aspect of dental hygiene isn’t important, the research behind it probably isn’t very solid.

Reason #2: Your Friend Isn’t Doing It Right

Did your friend go on and on about how she flossed for a long time but never saw any benefits? Don’t assume that this individual was flossing correctly or frequently enough. Instead, rely on the fact that we tell you with complete certainty: The benefits of flossing are easy to achieve as long as you floss according to the product suggestions, frequency, and methods we recommend to you. Easy.