Gum Tissue Basics

gumshealthyDo you know much about your gum tissue? Is this a part of your smile that you are aware exists but it’s not something you think much about? The good news is that your gums are very easy to care for, so if they’ve gone under the radar, it could be because you’ve simply been providing yourself good care. However, it’s always beneficial to know more about your own anatomy, so let’s get started with some basics.

What Are My Gums?

You use the word “gums” to refer to the pink framework of tissue that surrounds your teeth. We also refer to this tissue as “gingival tissue” or your “gingivae.” Take a look in the mirror and you will easily differentiate between your dental tissue (teeth) and gingival tissue (gums).

What Do They Do?

Your gums are part of a system of tissues that support your teeth. Your gum tissue provides a protective covering to the part of your teeth that reach all the way down into your jawbone (the roots of your teeth). When your gum tissue is healthy, it helps to ensure your teeth remain safe as well.

How Can I Protect Them?

You can protect your gum tissue by paying attention to the oral health suggestions we set forth for preventive care. This includes keeping up with your daily dental hygiene (brushing and flossing), as well as coming in for cleanings and checkups. We also suggest you avoid hard brushing (and flossing), which can result in damage.