Are Veneers A Good Investment?

womanwonderingredSo, you have decided that you’re interested in making smile improvements with porcelain veneers. While you are fine with making the investment as far as your budget is concerned, is there still a part of you that is trying to decide whether that investment is a good idea? Or, are you worried that you’re excited at the idea of the immediate results but that maybe the long-term benefits aren’t really there? Good news: The quick answer is that yes, indeed, veneers are a smart investment. As for the reasons why, consider some additional advice.

They Last A Long Time

The reason it’s easy to say that porcelain veneers make a good investment is the fact that they look exceptional and last a long time. This is something that is more multi-faceted than you might think. First, recognize that the ceramic used for the veneers is highly durable, so you can eat what you want and don’t need to be overly cautious. Also, their stain resistance means they will remain not only intact but also white and vibrant for many years (if you care for them well). How long? Up to 20 years!

Caring For Them Is Easy

Keep in mind that caring for your porcelain veneers is not going to require anything extraordinary. To the contrary, you’re pretty much going to be performing the same dental hygiene you’ve been practicing for your pre-veneers smile. However, you may feel a bit more protective of your new grin, which means you may want to pay more attention to avoiding excessive consumption of staining foods. As for the details, it’s still twice-a-day brushing and once-a-day flossing (in addition to your twice-a-year visits to see us).