FAQs: What Are Dentures, Anyway?

faqsblocksYou may have a vague image in your mind when you think about full dentures but it probably does not do this tooth replacement option justice. Unfortunately, we often discover that patients have some outdated ideas about dentures that keep them from considering this otherwise accessible, very helpful option for restoring one’s smile. To make sure you’re fully informed, so you can make the best choice for yourself, we suggest collecting up new knowledge with our FAQs on dentures.

Frequently Asked Questions: Dentures

Question: What, exactly, is a full denture? Is it the same as a partial denture?

Answer: Also known as a complete denture, this is a removable prosthetic that will replace not one or multiple teeth but an arch that is missing all of its teeth. It is appropriate for a top arch or a bottom arch. You may choose to wear one at a time or one on each arch, depending on your needs.

Question: How does a full denture stay in place if it doesn’t have any teeth to hold on to?

Answer: Fortunately, missing all of your teeth on one arch does not mean you cannot receive a prosthetic to rejuvenate your smile. The denture will be able to stay in place where you need it for speaking, chewing, and smiling as the result of a simple detail: The suction that is naturally occurring in your mouth.

Question: Who can receive full dentures? Is this something that comes with very specific qualifications or does it work for most patients?

Answer: Nearly anyone will make a good candidate for this device. You must require the replacement of a complete arch of teeth. Otherwise, it might become necessary to choose a partial or other solution.