When Your Teeth Hurt On Halloween

womancoveringmouthwshirtWhen Halloween rolls around and you excitedly bite into a yummy piece of candy, what’s your reaction? Do your teeth feel just fine, causing a big smile to form on your face? Or, do you notice a dull ache or a sudden zing of pain that shoots through your tooth? While we always tell our patients that coming in for a visit every six months is essential, this “zing!” is your warning sign that it’s time to hightail it back into our practice. Sudden, sharp pain is a common symptom of a variety of oral health problems. The good news? We can solve them all!

It Could Be Decay

When you bite into candy or sip a drink and your tooth hurts, it could be a sign of tooth decay. Why are this symptom and this oral health issue connected? Well, decay wears your enamel (tooth’s outer layer) away. When this happens, the nerves that are usually safe and protected in your tooth find themselves exposed. The contact with food, air, and otherwise can cause serious sensitivity. A filling will help.

It Could Be An Infection

If your tooth is infected, this oral health problem will require root canal treatment. The reason you are experiencing such discomfort is the fact that your tooth’s internal tissue is inflamed and aggravated. Pressure leads to pain. If you notice a sharp pain, discomfort while you chew, the appearance of a bad taste in your mouth, or a bump (similar to a pimple on your gum), come in immediately.