3 Reasons You Didn’t Notice Your Bruxism

3goldWhen patients learn that they have been suffering from teeth grinding or clenching and require bruxism treatment for oral health protection, they are often surprised. We frequently hear the question, “How did I not realize something was wrong?” As a result, we usually remind patients of two important details. First, bruxism is often very difficult to detect on your own. Second, we can detect it, so if you come in twice a year for your dental checkup, you’ve got backup! As for your frustration regarding how you could overlook such an issue, allow us to calm your thoughts.

Reason #1: Nobody Mentioned Anything

When someone is grinding his or her teeth or clenching them together, it can feel very awkward and uncomfortable to approach that person and mention the habit. As a result, you may discover that others were aware of your bruxism but they weren’t sure how to tell you. Rest assured, once you know, bruxism treatment will help.

Reason #2: You Do It In Your Sleep

You might not know that you suffer from bruxism and require bruxism treatment if you brux in your sleep. For some, partners will notice the issue and mention it. For others either who sleep solo or whose partners never notice the problem, it can occur without your noticing for quite some time (unless you come in for your visits, of course).

Reason #3: You Haven’t Experienced Damage Yet

It’s entirely possible that you are dealing with a mild case of bruxism that simply has not yielded any sort of noticeable damage. As a result, you’ve had no clear warning signs that something is amiss. Fortunately, using bruxism treatment at this stage can prevent any type of injury from occurring.