Baby Teeth: Your Common Questions

questionstickiesHow much do you know about baby teeth? Not much except for the fact that your little one’s smile is full of them and it’s a pretty cute grin? When it comes to the growth of your child’s teeth, you might find yourself coming up with a slew of questions you didn’t realize you didn’t know the answers to! While asking during visits is always welcome, we would like to help you set a foundation of knowledge with some immediate answers.

Questions and Answers

Question: Is it actually important to protect baby teeth? Since they end up falling out, do they really require dental care or dental hygiene at home?

Answer: Yes. It’s very important. They will, of course, fall out eventually. However, while they are in place, their purpose is to protect and guide the developing permanent teeth below. In addition, gum tissue requires daily maintenance, as well, to avoid problems like gingivitis.

Question: Is there always a permanent tooth beneath a baby tooth? What happens if there isn’t? Will a child be left without a tooth or teeth in this case?

Answer: In some instances, it is possible for a congenital problem to occur in which a permanent tooth fails to develop. Do not worry. This common problem is something we can address in the future with prosthetics like dental implants.

Question: When are my child’s baby teeth going to begin falling out? What if it seems like it’s taking a longer time than my child’s sibling or peers?

Answer: The baby teeth that your child develops will usually begin falling out by the age of about six. Remember that there’s no set deadline, as each child’s smile is unique. By coming to us for checkups every six months, we can monitor progress, so you don’t have to worry.