Spaces Between Teeth? Cosmetic Care Can Help.

womancoveringmouthchestnutDo you have spaces between many of your teeth? Maybe you have a gap between just two teeth. If these openings bother you, cause you trouble with dental hygiene (or you’re tired of food becoming stuck there), or if you just don’t like the way spaces look, you have come to the right place. We offer a variety of solutions to close those little frustrating areas of your smile, so everything’s flush and consistent. Schedule a consultation with us, so we can determine which cosmetic care treatment is going to suit your needs the best.

You Might Need Bonding

When you want to fill a space (or two or three), we often suggest bonding. This is a simple way to spot-treat areas that are bothering you, so that teeth next to one another appear to touch. Have an unsightly gap? Ask about bonding, particularly if you want a very convenient, budget-friendly cosmetic care option to quickly fix the problem.

You May Require Veneers

Perhaps you are dealing with small spaces between many of your teeth. Now, let’s say you are also unhappy with several other aspects of the way your grin looks, such as its color (perhaps it is stained) or the length of your teeth. Maybe you need some serious help with textural damage. Choosing porcelain veneers can solve all of these issues at once. If this sounds like the cosmetic care treatment for you, let us know you are interested.

Invisalign Might Be Best

Spacing is often the result of a misalignment problem that requires orthodontic care. Fortunately, we also offer Invisalign treatment. Instead of relying on cosmetic fixes to create the illusion of a uniform smile, we can actually align your teeth with clear aligner trays.