TMJ Disorder: Questions About Treatment

questionmarks4When patients come to us with questions about functional disorders, such as bruxism and TMJ concerns, those inquiries are often quite similar. We find that patients in need of TMJ disorder treatment are generally curious about how to detect the problem, what treatment is going to be like, and if there’s still hope for a healthy smile. Fortunately, we are happy to answer these questions and more. Remember, we can always guide you toward good oral health.

Questions and Answers

Question: How do I determine whether I just think there’s a problem with my jaw joints or if I actually have TMJ disorder and require treatment?

Answer: You come in to see us for a dental checkup, of course. Schedule an appointment and tell us about your symptoms. We will examine your teeth (and the supportive structures surrounding them) for an accurate diagnosis.

Question: How does TMJ disorder treatment work and will it protect me in the long run?

Answer: We treat the problem with your jaw joints with something we call oral appliance therapy. The treatment will require you to wear a mouthguard when you sleep. It’s simple, does not require the use of drugs, and will not interfere with your life. It will, however, protect your oral health from damage.

Question: Will you be able to address the cause of my TMJ disorder or can you only treat the symptoms?

Answer: We can often do both. If we can pinpoint the underlying cause (like bruxism or misalignment), we can suggest effective treatment (such as dealing with clenching/grinding or aligning your smile).