3 Little Things To Check If Your Oral Health Seems Stubborn

3stampwhiteDoes it seem like your oral health is stubborn, even though you know your smile doesn’t actually have a living personality that can resist your efforts in preventive care? If so, it’s entirely possible that there are some little issues you need to check out. Since a variety of details go into the different methods and techniques required for a healthy smile, we encourage you to make sure you’re not overlooking some frequent (yet very easy to miss) factors that can leave you feeling frustrated.

#1: Check The Elbow Grease (At The Door)

You might want to check in on how much power you’re putting into your dental hygiene sessions. If you’re using anything more than the lightest of pressure during flossing and brushing, it’s too much. Protect your smile health by leaving all preconceived ideas behind regarding “putting some elbow grease” into your care.

#2: How Much Toothpaste Are You Using?

Less than a pea-size amount isn’t enough. More than that, and you might end up with a mouth full of bubbles that you spit out too early. Stick with just one pea-size blob of paste for optimal smile health.

#3: When Was Your Last Visit?

You may scrub and brush and floss and rinse to your heart’s delight but if you’re not coming in for your preventive visits (a checkup and cleaning), you simply won’t see the results you want to attain. This is because some amount of the plaque on your smile will harden and become tartar (even if you’re very good with your habits). When you don’t give us the chance to clear away tartar, you’re essentially working against yourself with your brushing and flossing efforts because the tartar just won’t budge.