3 Tips For Protecting Your Gum Health

Do you know what it takes to protect your gum health? The part that you will like is that it’s actually very easy to keep your gum tissue healthy. What you might not love hearing is that if you’re not consistent with your care, gum problems can occur quickly. Fortunately, as long as you know how to practice care and you dedicate yourself to it, you’ll be able to maintain a healthy smile without a single bump in the road.

#1: Remember, You Can’t Always Detect Problems

A major tip: See us twice annually for checkups no matter what. Your gum health might seem just fine but we can often see the beginnings of disease that you can’t.

#2: Remember, Brushing And Flossing Are Key

It’s essential that you remember how simple it really is to protect your gum health. Keeping your teeth clean means gums that are free of long-term contact with bacteria. As a result, inflammation and infection are much less likely to occur. The moral of the story is: Brush and floss consistently.

#3: Remember, 24 Hours Can Change Everything!

So, you think you’ll just go to sleep without brushing your teeth because you’re tired. Then, you forget to brush in the morning. If 24 hours go by without dental hygiene, you are letting plaque (a sticky substance that is soft enough to brush or floss off of your teeth) harden. It doesn’t get a little hard, though. Instead, it becomes more like cement, which will remain in place until your next cleaning with us. More plaque will accumulate over it and your chance of gum health problems increase dramatically.