Combatting Coffee Stains: What To Do

coffee2handsAre you trying to figure out the somewhat confusing world of being a coffee drinker? Perhaps you’ve managed to avoid stains thus far but you’re getting a bit worried. Maybe your teeth are in okay shape (or even very stained) and you want help but don’t know where to begin. Take heart! We are here to help with your oral health and with the beautification of your smile.

Stop Drinking It Throughout The Day

There’s a marked difference between drinking one cup of coffee in a sitting versus nursing coffee all day long. When you drink a cup of coffee in one sitting, you expose your teeth to stain-causing pigments and an increased acid level for only a brief time (rather than an extended period). Even if you like to drink multiple cups, it’s best to drink them, finish, then clean your smile rather than sipping slowly all day long. This choice will protect your smile and oral health.

Rinse And Brush After You Drink

About that “smile cleaning” after coffee. Keep your smile free of staining and your oral health safe by rinsing your mouth with water after you drink coffee. It will help to neutralize the pH level in your mouth, while rinsing staining pigments from teeth. When possible, go ahead and brush your teeth within a half hour.

Come In For Care

If you have yet to develop stains on your teeth as the result of coffee drinking, you are likely doing something right. The “something right” for all individuals (including coffee drinkers) should include brushing your smile two times a day, flossing your smile once a day, and remembering that visits to see us for dental cleanings two times a year are essential for preventing stains and other concerns.

If you already have a discolored smile as the result of a long-lasting love affair with coffee, come on in. We offer teeth whitening, bonding, and veneers (one of which will remove or camouflage stains, so your smile looks white again).