Dental Fillings: The General Steps

steps123If you’re new to the world of dental fillings, you might already understand that they address tooth decay (but your education might end there). We know that one of the best ways to feel good about coming in for restorative care is to feel knowledgeable about your upcoming treatment. As a result, we like to provide patients with an easy to understand, step-by-step explanation of what a filling entails. For all other questions, please bring up whatever is on your mind at the beginning of your next visit.

Step #1: We Diagnose A Cavity

To begin, we will examine your smile to accurately diagnose a cavity and to ensure a dental filling is the best restorative care treatment for your smile.

Step #2: We Clean The Opening

To begin your dental filling procedure, we need to clean your tooth, removing all traces of decayed dental tissue, debris, and rough areas. Once the opening is clean and smooth, it is ready.

Step #3: We Fill The Opening

To restore your tooth, we will fill the open part of your tooth that was left behind by decay. We use composite (a synthetic, acrylic resin material that we match to the shade of your tooth).

Step #4: We Set The Filling

Once the opening has been filled, we will need to set the filling to ensure it is dry and ready for long-term wear.

Step #5: We Make Final Adjustments

You will need to bite down for us, so we can ensure the dental filling is a good fit with your teeth. If the filling is not properly adjusted, it can lead to discomfort. As a result, we will make small changes to the filling’s height and shape, if necessary, so your smile remains balanced.