Oral Health: Ways To Remove Even More Bacteria

womanthinkinglonghairDid you know that in addition to your usual daily brushing (twice) and flossing (once), there are some other preventive measures you can take to remove even more bacteria from your smile? The good news is that if you are brushing and flossing as suggested, you’re doing a wonderful job and your smile is pretty safe. However, for the overachievers out there who like to remain filled in on all possible modes of oral health protection, we’ve got some solid advice.

Chew Sugarless Gum

You might not be able to brush or floss after you eat on certain occasions. Since you know that food particles left on your teeth can lead to a greater chance of decay and other problems (like stains), you may feel a little uneasy. Don’t worry, chewing sugarless gum after you eat a meal or snack (or drink something other than water) is very helpful! (Hint: Remember, it must be sugar-free to offer benefits).

Floss And Use A Water Flosser

Of course, if you’re flossing once a day you’re providing your oral health with immense protection. However, that doesn’t mean that your floss is effectively removing every bit of bacteria from beneath your gumline. If you’re looking for the absolute most thorough means of protecting your gum health, add a water flosser into the mix to flush out bacteria.

Drink Water Throughout The Day

Water is always helpful. It will help you rinse food from your smile, it will help rinse bacteria off of every surface of your mouth, and it can reduce your chance of experiencing related problems like decay or gum disease. Drink it after meals, as your drink of choice, and when your mouth feels dry!