Received Restorative Care? You Still Need Prevention.

We often find that patients who receive restorative treatments with us and then find out they have a clean bill of oral health suddenly have a common thought: They assume they must not need to come in for preventive care anymore. Along with this line of thinking, they often assume they don’t really need to care for their smile at home anymore. These ideas follow a belief that now that their smiles are in great shape and have received dental work, they’re going to remain that way. We encourage you to learn more about why prevention is always necessary.

Plaque Keeps On Coming

Plaque isn’t going anywhere. Yes, you can clear it away twice a day with your brushing and your flossing, so it doesn’t turn into too much tartar. However, a little bit of tartar will inevitably form. Some issues you cannot recognize on your own might even develop (like gingivitis). If you stay away from your preventive care at home (and with us), you are going to end up needing more restorative care! Why? Plaque will lead to decay, gum problems, and even more.

Your Dental Work Isn’t Infinitely Lasting

It’s true that your restorative treatments can last a very long time. Your dental filling or denture may last many years, your crown may last many years, your work can last decades! However, in many instances, dental work will require a repair or a replacement. If you choose to avoid preventive care visits, your work may not remain in good condition. If you come in for care, we can identify changes and make improvements before serious damage occurs.