Sensitivity: What To Do?

Do you find that when your teeth are feeling sensitive to just about everything, you don’t know what to do? First, remember that dealing with tooth sensitivity is nothing new, it’s your body letting you know that your smile needs a little help, and there’s always a way to make improvements. As for what you should do immediately and in the long-run, addressing this type of irritation is simple. Follow our suggestions and your smile will feel wonderful again in no time.

#1: Try Toothpaste For Sensitive Teeth

As far as quickly addressing those unpleasant sensations you’re having, we suggest picking up some toothpaste that is known for its desensitizing properties. You will see a lot of options for tooth sensitivity at the drugstore. Take your pick and use it daily for good results.

#2: Ask Yourself A Few Questions

Ask yourself some questions about why you might be experiencing tooth sensitivity. For instance, have you been diagnosed with bruxism (grinding or clenching), with a cavity, or with gingivitis? Do you think one of these issues may be affecting you but you aren’t quite certain? If you know you need care (like a filling), it’s time to come in for your treatment.

#3: Schedule An Appointment

So, you’re not really sure why tooth sensitivity is affecting you because you don’t have any oral health problems that you’re aware of? It’s definitely time for you to schedule an appointment at our practice. A thorough checkup will reveal the cause of your sensitivity, so we can make any necessary changes to your dental hygiene, offer any necessary treatments, and get the problem under control.