Veneers: What They Do (And Don’t Do)

When you spend time daydreaming about porcelain veneers, do you do so because you want a prettier smile and they seem like the right decision? Do you know much about this cosmetic treatment … or are you just making assumptions about the details as you go? To make sure you know all about what a veneer is (and what it isn’t), we are happy to fill you in. Then, of course, when you’re ready for your brilliantly transformed smile, come on in for a cosmetic consultation!

They Do Offer Partial Coverage

If you’re unsure about how porcelain veneers work, begin with the following: They offer partial coverage to your teeth. In this case, we mean that the veneer will cover the visible part of your tooth only. In addition, keep in mind that they’re translucent, not opaque, so they camouflage teeth but do not completely mask what they look like.

They Don’t Offer Full Coverage

As we mentioned, porcelain veneers do not fully cover your teeth. If you are seeking out full coverage either for oral health reasons or for serious esthetic issues, you may need to consider porcelain crowns instead, which are more substantial and offer full coverage.

They Do Last A Long Time

You may wonder how long something so beautiful could possibly last. Fortunately, porcelain veneers last quite a long time, often ten years and sometimes much longer. Don’t concern yourself with assuming they are delicate. They’re created for you to be able to wear them (and use your smile for its full function) every day.

They Don’t Offer Invincible Wear

Yes, they offer longevity but veneers are not invincible. Simply remember that wearing them means caring for them as you do your natural smile. As long as you are up for continuing brushing, flossing, and seeing us twice a year, you’ll be just fine.