Brush, Floss, Repeat: How Much Time Does It All Take?

You may wonder how long it’s going to take you to care for your smile. Will you be able to stop the consistent dental hygiene at some point? Are your teeth going to fall out when you’re older no matter what? When it comes to questions revolving around oral health and time, we receive a diverse array of inquiries. To help you feel more secure regarding what it really takes to care for your teeth and gums, whether it’s worth it in the long run, and how much time you’re going to need to invest, we’re happy to break down the details.

The Long-Term Time Details

Let’s break down what you’re really going to need to be putting into your smile in the long-term, grand scheme of things. You’ll note that while you may feel like you’re doing a lot, you’re sacrificing just a little bit of your life to keep your oral health in wonderful condition:

  • You spend five to six minutes of each day caring for your smile (it’s a very, very small percentage)
  • You spend about one day out of the year (only one out of 365 days) caring for your teeth and gums when you lump all of your brushing and flossing sessions together.

Is It All Worth It?

It’s important to recognize that beyond some natural wear and tear (which can leave your teeth a bit roughed up or yellowed), the passage of time and the aging process are not going to lead directly to decay, infection, disease, or tooth loss. What will lead to such problems? Poor dental care for your oral health. In a nutshell, the answer is always: Yes, your consistent care is worth it. Tooth loss doesn’t have anything to do with your age. The wellness of your smile is completely linked to how well you maintain it.