Ignore Your Filling, Say Hello To Complications

Do you think that if you just ignore the need for a dental filling, you will be able to continue on in life without any additional worries? If so, we must inform you that this is not at all the case. Instead, by choosing to pretend like your cavity isn’t there (or simply isn’t a problem), you are setting yourself up for the development of additional complications. As you might imagine, these issues will require even more care. Let’s examine why it’s worth scheduling your filling ASAP when you need one.

Your Tooth (And Oral Health) Won’t Hold Up

First and foremost, when you choose to pretend you don’t need a dental filling and you go about your usual life, you’re putting the affected tooth at risk. The same is true for your overall oral health. Why is this so, you wonder? Well, tooth decay is a progressive oral illness. As you ignore it, it continues to advance. It will destroy your dental tissue, potentially until there’s not enough left for us to treat with a filling. It will also give bacteria access to the inner body of your tooth, which means the chance of experiencing an infection (that will then require a root canal) is quite high.

You Will Need More Complex, Costly Care

Let’s say we can no longer treat your tooth with a dental filling due to the aforementioned spread of decay. You will need a dental crown, which is more intensive and costly. Perhaps you end up with an infection. Not only will you need a crown but you will also first require a root canal treatment, which is even more complex and more expensive. It’s much better all around to choose the dental filling both for your budget and your smile health.