I’m Pregnant! Now What?

When you’re pregnant, figuring out what to do regarding your dental care can become a surprisingly confusing issue. One moment, you’re just steadily going along brushing, flossing, scheduling visits, and doing your usual thing. The next moment, you don’t know if you’re supposed to come see us, if you should wait until after the baby is born, and just the smell of your toothpaste suddenly makes you nauseous. No worries. We can help!

Yes, Come See Us

As you know, there are a lot of changes happening in your body. The hormonal ones can end up having an effect on your gum health (in a negative way) by causing inflammation. To make sure your smile remains healthy, call us and schedule a dental care visit, so we can guide you through your pregnancy.

About That Toothpaste

For some, morning sickness and nausea won’t be a huge issue. For others, it will be something that is simply part of pregnancy. If you find that you are having a lot of problems surrounding your dental care at home, don’t hesitate to contact us for help. Consider these helpful tips that just might see you through:

  • Change anything that bothers you, whether you don’t like the way your toothpaste smells or if your floss suddenly tastes repulsive. Choose mild flavors for your best bet.
  • If morning sickness affects you, don’t stress. Rinse your mouth with water after vomiting. Wait a while, then brush after at least a half hour has gone by to protect your smile.