More Flossing Questions (Answered)

Do you find that you research and research some seemingly simple processes associated with your dental health only to realize you still have questions? How much could one possibly need to know about flossing, you might wonder to yourself? While the experience is pretty straightforward, we will agree with you that there are multiple little details that can leave you scratching your head. Ready to get the final information all sorted out, so you can continue on with best practices for a healthy smile? Let’s go!

Should I Floss Before Or After Brushing?

You may be shocked to learn that there is no particular rule when it comes to the placement of your flossing session. If you floss before you brush, you are doing the right thing. If you floss your smile after you brush, you are also doing the right thing. No need to do both. Your dental health will benefit by choosing one or the other.

Should I Floss In The Morning Or At Night?

This comes down to preference. If you feel nice and awake and you have time in the morning and it makes your breath feel fresher, by all means: Floss during your morning routine. However, if you’re in a rush in the morning, you prefer flossing at night, or you have other reasons for flossing before bed, go for it!

Should Flossing Feel Painful Or Not At All?

Optimal dental health relies on your commitment to brushing, flossing, and scheduling checkups and cleanings. These factors should not cause pain. If your flossing is not comfortable, let us know right away, so you don’t feel tempted to avoid it (and so we can identify the problem).