Overcrowding: FAQs

Are you someone who has overcrowded teeth but you haven’t been able to figure out why this is happening? Are you upset because you’re not really sure what to do or if perhaps you don’t really need to do anything? To begin, remember that we always suggest you align teeth because it’s best for your oral health (and you’re about to find out why).

Questions and Answers

Question: Why are my teeth overcrowded?

Answer: This may happen as the result of a variety of issues. For some patients, the jaw structure is not large enough to support a full set of teeth. For others, extra teeth, and even thumb sucking can result in misalignment that forces teeth closely together.

Question: Why does it matter if I have overcrowded teeth? Isn’t this just an issue that affects the way I look?

Answer: It matters because while it may affect your confidence as a result of the way you look, overcrowding may affect your oral health, too. For instance, dental hygiene may be more difficult than with an aligned smile, so the chance of decay and gum disease is higher. Poorly aligned teeth (which result in poor bite balance) will also promote functional problems like bruxism or TMD (TMJ disorder).

Question: Can you help me or is this something I’m going to need to learn to deal with?

Answer: Of course, we can help you with your overcrowded teeth! We will need you to come in for a dental consultation, so we can determine the extent of your misalignment. Then, with the help of orthodontic care, we can guide you toward a lovely smile.