Q&A: Help, I Swallowed My Toothpaste!

Were you laughing at a YouTube video while you brushed your teeth and accidentally swallowed your toothpaste? Perhaps it just happened. Whatever the cause, you may have had one of those panic-stricken moments in which you recall your parent telling you never to swallow fluoridated toothpaste. However, you may also find that you have absolutely no recollection regarding whether the possible side effects were the result of old wives’ tales or if there’s really something wrong with such a dental hygiene blunder. No worries! We can help guide you through this moment.

Questions and Answers: Dental Hygiene

Question: If I’m practicing my dental hygiene and suddenly accidentally swallow some of my toothpaste, is something bad going to happen?

Answer: No. You are going to be just fine as long as you use just about a pea-size drop of paste. This is something that happens to almost everyone at some point, so don’t worry. However, don’t do it on purpose!

Question: Why are people so worried about swallowing toothpaste if there’s nothing wrong with it?

Answer: While fluoride is beneficial for teeth, it can also result in toxicity if ingested in large amounts. To avoid intestinal problems, severe pain, and needing to visit a doctor or emergency room as the result, simply be careful to stick to the recommended amount of toothpaste. Also, you may wish to keep tubes of toothpaste out of the reach of children.

Question: Should I just switch to non-fluoridated toothpaste to avoid worrying?

Answer: No! Fluoride is very important for promoting healthy teeth. Since the risk of swallowing extremely large amounts of fluoride is very slim, we strongly suggest you remain consistent with purchasing toothpaste with fluoride for effective dental hygiene.