2 Things You Shouldn’t Do

You know all about the things you should do for your oral health. You should care for your smile by remaining dedicated to your dental hygiene. You should come show us your smile two times a year, so we can help you keep that grin safe with cleanings and checkups. However, you may occasionally get some ideas that seem brilliant at the time but that can actually put your smile at risk. We suggest you take a couple things we have heard over the years into consideration and choose to avoid them, so you’re not accidentally putting yourself in harm’s way.

#1: Replace Flossing With Your Brush

To be fair, this is not actually going to work out. However, patients often think they might be able to thoughtfully press toothbrush bristles between their teeth to remove plaque. Though you certainly get some imaginary points from us for coming up with an innovative approach toward dental hygiene, this isn’t a good plan. Why? Well, you can’t do a thorough job or remove much plaque with this approach. Decay and gingivitis may be on the horizon if you try it!

#2: Try To Removed Lodged Food

Of course, you are free to try to remove food that is stuck from between your teeth by rinsing, brushing, and giving one go with the dental floss. However, if the general dental hygiene approach does not work, you’re out of luck when it comes to your own efforts. Stop trying and instead, call us. We will remove it for you without the risk of damaging your smile.