Aches And Pains: What’s The Deal?

Sometimes, aches and pains can occur in your mouth and the surrounding tissues. Unfortunately, this can cause you to feel very uneasy. Many patients assume something very serious is wrong and end up feeling anxious even though the issue is generally easy to treat and explain. To help you understand more about why you’re getting toothaches, jaw aches, and headaches (and what to do to protect your oral health and regain comfort), we suggest you take in our helpful advice. Then, call our practice to set up a dental checkup!


In many instances, headaches are actually the result of an oral health concern. It could be TMJ disorder (jaw joint issues), bruxism, or issues with alignment. We offer TruDenta, a system that will allow us to identify your TMJ disorder or alignment concerns, then offer an oral appliance to improve alignment (for improved comfort).


A toothache is often a sign that something isn’t going so well with your oral health. The frustrating detail is often that this type of discomfort can be benign, it can be the result of decay, it can point to an infection, it might happen due to grinding or clenching, or something else. What to do? Come see us if the problem persists.

Jaw Aches

Another common oral health concern is jaw discomfort. As you might have imagined, this is often the result of TMJ disorder, bruxism, issues with alignment, and more! Can you guess what we suggest when this happens? You got it! Schedule a dental visit!