Are Dental Implants Difficult To Care For?

The immediate answer to your question, are dental implants difficult to care for, is, “Nope!” While this may sound well and good, you were likely hoping for just a little bit more information, so you can feel extremely confident about moving ahead with implants. After all, once they are in place they will probably be there for the rest of your life, which means having some understanding of what maintenance will require would be fantastic. We’d love to share the intricacies of care with you, so you continue to feel positive about this adventure.

How Things Won’t Change

If you decide to go through with receiving dental implants, most of your dental hygiene and other oral health efforts are going to remain the same. Just to review to ensure you know what that means, we offer the following details:

  • You’re still going to brush your smile with a soft-bristle toothbrush
  • Brushing will still need to happen two times a day
  • You will still floss once a day
  • You will still need to schedule care with us twice a year

How Things Will Change

While the bulk of your care for your smile is going to stay just as it was, it might change just a tiny bit. As you know, you will be receiving dental implants and restorations. It will be essential that you floss down around partly beneath restoration. In order to get in as close as you need to, you may have to use a new type of dental floss to ensure you’re thoroughly cleaning your smile. Really, that’s the main change!