Questions To Ask During A Cosmetic Consultation

When you’re coming in for a cosmetic consultation, you may not really know where to begin with your questions (even though you are full of questions!). To help you get started, so you walk away with a satisfying amount of facts and details you’ve been hoping for, we offer you some introductory questions. Feel free to create an additional list of inquiries that you bring with you, so you learn all that you can about cosmetic care for your smile.

“Which Is Best For Me?”

Remember that we can only know what you’re hoping to achieve if you talk to us. We encourage you to ask questions about which cosmetic care treatment is best for you based on your overall goal. Maybe you want a quick fix for a whiter smile. Maybe you want to camouflage yellowing and you want to improve tooth shape. Discuss with us, so we can narrow down the best treatment option for your smile.

“Which Is Most Cost Effective?”

When you’re wondering about which cosmetic care treatment will last the longest, thereby providing you with the best payoff over time, this is a wonderful question. While you might spend more upfront on a particular treatment, it does not mean you won’t be able to expect a longer life. Remember to ask about cost-effectiveness if you’re weighing two options closely.

“How Much Will This Cost?”

Want to know how much your cosmetic care is going to cost? As you may have noticed, we cannot tell you this over the phone because the care you need is specific to your smile and your smile alone! Please feel free to ask questions about cost and payments.