Want A Smile Makeover? What Do You Really Need?

What do you think you’re looking at in the mirror when you proclaim, “I need a smile makeover!” to yourself? Do you need some serious help with esthetic issues? Or, are you overlooking that the way your smile looks is reliant upon the fact that your smile needs some healing and rebuilding? When you’re unsure, the best decision is to come see us for a cosmetic care consultation. As for differentiating between esthetic and oral health needs and options, learn a little bit more.

Is It All Cosmetic?

What’s wrong with your smile? Can you tell? If you’re looking at some yellowed teeth, a chip or two, a craze line, spaces between teeth, or any other issue that is esthetic (but that has no effect on your oral health) then you just might require cosmetic care. This area of dentistry allows us to focus solely on making your smile look better but does not repair damage that leads to the decline of your smile’s wellbeing. The best way to find out if this is what you need? Come see us.

When You Need Serious Restorative Care

If you want a smile makeover not because of some cosmetic concerns but because you need a lot of repairs (which are making your smile unsightly as a side effect), it’s time to talk to us about your options. We may suggest restorative care only. Or, we may suggest both restorative and cosmetic care to ensure you achieve a full smile makeover for a smile that’s healthy and that looks the way you would like.