Why Can’t You Diagnose Me Over The Phone?

Of course, when you’re dealing with an issue that seems like it might possibly be very simple, you wish you could just call us up, ask for a diagnosis, and be on your merry way. While this would be lovely, it’s just not an option. Perhaps in the future, we will have extraordinary digital technology that will allow us to make very realistic phone calls to one another, while we perform a virtual examination. However, since this is the year 2017 and this is not yet part of dental care, we must rely on dental checkups (in person, that is). Learn more, so you feel more confident about coming in for anything under the sun.

Symptoms May Point To Different Problems

A major reason we cannot diagnose you over the phone is because many symptoms point to a variety of different problems. As a result, if you have a toothache, we cannot know without a dental checkup whether the pain is due to minor irritation, infection, tooth decay, gum recession, and the list goes on. Symptoms can help us narrow down what might be happening but cannot lead us to a definitive diagnosis.

A Detailed Visual Is The Main Part Of Diagnoses

As you’re probably beginning to figure out, a main factor in diagnosing you during a dental checkup is being able to look at your smile. We can gain some knowledge from looking at your tooth. We can then gain an exceptional amount of information with X-rays. Then, a spot-on diagnosis will follow.