Winter Lips: How To Deal

Are you someone who loves the thought of all that is cozy when it comes to winter but the flaky, stinging lips that arrive at the same time put a major damper on your anticipation? If so, you happen to have come to the right place. Of course, we focus primarily on your teeth and gums but your lips are an important part of your oral health, too! When you find that you can’t seem to get any relief, we are here to help. With some simple tips, you will discover comfort is just around the corner.

Careful With Those Face Products!

What are you cleaning your face with? Do you wash your face and then use astringent or another topical product? Remember that whatever it is you’re putting on your face is likely coming into contact with your lips. When you’re already low on moisture, this can aggravate chapped lips. Care for your skin with caution and avoid your lip area.

Get Consistent With Lip Repair

Keep your smile comfortable by adding lip repair and lip balm into your oral health routine. Apply lip balm throughout the day when your lips feel like they need it. Use an advanced lip repair at night for added protection. Simple as that.

Drink More Water

You might have guessed that the central heating in your house, the office in which you work, etc., is contributing to drying out your lips. This gets worse if you end up dealing with the common cold or flu, which yields mouth breathing due to nasal congestion. To combat some of the problem (and to protect your overall and oral health), drink more water. The more hydrated you are, the better.