4 Ways To Make Your Smile More Uniform

So, you don’t need orthodontic care but you have noticed that your smile just doesn’t look very streamlined. You wish that when you smiled and spoke with others, you were showing off a beautifully uniform grin but it just isn’t happening. Fortunately, there are other minor issues that can play into the polished look of your smile than alignment alone. Learn more about cosmetic care options, so you can attain the finish you’re after.

#1: Improve The Color

Look at the shade of your smile. Do all of your teeth look like they’re the exact same color? Does each tooth appear to have one solid shade? Or, do you notice some inconsistencies? In many cases, you are seeing a lack of uniformity because you need a cosmetic care treatment like whitening to even out your smile! Simple.

#2: Address Small Spaces

When you don’t have true misalignment but things are looking a bit spaced out, you may need cosmetic care to address those little tiny gaps. Fortunately, you can rely on treatments like veneers or bonding to make your teeth look like they’re touching side-by-side for a more uniform finish.

#3: Unify Tooth Lengths

When teeth lengths on each side of your smile do not mirror one another or if lengths seem quite haphazard, there’s something you can do about this: You may rely on cosmetic care. Bonding, contouring, or veneers can help you achieve an esthetically sound smile line.

#4: Reshape Your Gumline

Your teeth may be perfectly fine but your smile still looks uneven. If so, check on your gumline. It may be the cause of your lack of uniformity (which we can fix with gum contouring!).

Consider Cosmetic Care For A Lovely Smile

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