Bacteria Business: 2 Simple Tips

During just about any time of the year, you can think of a reason you don’t want to add any extra bacteria or other germs into your dental hygiene sessions. Most of the time, it’s simply because you are hoping to achieve your best oral health possible. Other times, it’s because the idea of coming down with whatever is making people under the weather at the moment (the common cold, the flu, etc.) is quite undesirable. Though you may feel a bit helpless, we can actually offer you some surprisingly helpful tips to keep you from introducing microscopic and very unwelcome visitors into your system.

Tip #1: Wash Your Hands!

You wash your hands before you prep food and before you eat. You should also wash them before your dental hygiene session, since your hands are touching instruments that will be going into your mouth (this is extremely important for flossing, as well).

Tip #2: Careful With The Brush And Flush

Most of our patients follow our recommendation of placing a wet toothbrush in a cup after use (or a toothbrush holder), where it can stand with bristles up. The result is a brush that can dry in the open air, so bacteria do not proliferate. Unfortunately, the close proximity of the toilet to the correctly placed brush can add a problem into the mix. With each flush, germs fill the air (you cannot see them) and may take up residence on your toothbrush. Our suggestion? Just use the lid for its purpose (to cover the bowl) and then flush each time, so you’re not compromising your dental hygiene.

Tell Bacteria To Back Off

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