Bumps: 3 Questions, 3 Answers

There are lot of different bumps you might notice in your mouth. Some are just part of the way your oral cavity is structured. Some are benign sores that show up and then leave. Others might be symptoms of issues requiring treatment. To help you get a grasp on what you might be experiencing, we offer a few helpful answers to common questions. Remember, when in doubt, always schedule a dental visit to find out!

Question #1: What Are The Bumps On My Teeth?

Have what look like little bumps on the chewing edges of your incisors? They’re just mamelons. Translation: They’re natural curves that everyone has when teeth first develop. If yours haven’t worn down naturally (which they most often do), we can treat them with cosmetic care. Bring this up during your next dental visit.

Question #2: What Is That Bump In My Mouth?

Do you have a bump on your tongue, your gum, or other soft tissue? When a bump or sore occurs, it can point to a variety of issues, some which may require treatment and others that will resolve all on their own. We suggest coming in for a dental visit if you notice something different (and it’s not your run of the mill canker sore that you’ve seen before).

Question #3: What Are Those Bumps Under My Tongue?

Does it feel like you have some bones beneath your tongue? Did you compare this with a friend who simply has an open well beneath her tongue? In most instances, what you’re noticing is something called tori. They are extra bone growth that are totally harmless.