End The Fingernail Biting: 3 Reasons Why

Did you ever think that your fingernail biting habit could lead to anything more serious than a bit of embarrassment that comes when you’ve nibbled your nails down to the quick? If not, we encourage you to get serious about saying goodbye to this habit. We know you may require some assistance and a hefty helping of willpower but it will certainly be worth the effort. Find out more about nail biting and TMJ disorder, nail biting and germs, and more!

Reason #1: You’re Ingesting Germs

Before we make our way into the realm of TMJ disorder and other problems, let’s start with the basics. Chewing your nails is a nasty habit because of all the areas of your body that collect germs, the area beneath your fingernails hangs out at the top of the list. Whatever you touch you will ingest if you put your fingers in your mouth. Keep from getting sick by keeping your fingernail biting out of the picture.

Reason #2: You Could Damage Your Teeth

You might end up damaging your teeth if you bite your nails. How? Well, you could chip or crack them (particularly if you’re wearing artificial nails). You may encourage or worsen bruxism disorder. You may end up grinding teeth against one another when you nibble. You may irritate your gum tissue. It’s never beneficial.

Reason #3: You Might Strain Your Jaws

Now for the potential to cause or exacerbate TMJ disorder (TMD). This is a problem that occurs when your usually well functioning jaw joints (your TMJs) become stressed and possibly damaged by constant tension, movement, strain, and other factors. Don’t ask too much of your joints by biting your nails. Let them rest when they have the chance.

Quit Biting Your Nails To Protect Your Smile

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