Invisalign Treatment Wear: Avoiding Stains And Decay

You’re getting your smile the way you want it to look by wearing Invisalign treatment trays. What you want is a healthy smile that’s aligned and that looks much more consistent and attractive. What you probably don’t want is to find that while you’ve finally gotten your grin organized the way you’ve been dreaming about, you’ve ended up with cavities and discoloration in the meantime. How to avoid these complications? It’s easier than you might think. Just follow some simple suggestions to protect your oral health.

Remove Before Eating And Drinking

It is extremely important that you avoid eating anything or drinking anything (unless it’s cool or room temperature water) when you have your Invisalign treatment trays in place. When you do so, you end up causing the following problems:

  • You may stain your trays.
  • The food and drink particles will coat your teeth and will not be rinsed away as they sit within the trays. This will lead to stained teeth and a much higher chance of decay.

Brush And Rinse After Eating

Now, let’s say that you remove your Invisalign treatment trays when you eat and drink, just like we suggest. If you don’t brush and floss your smile and rinse your trays before you resume wearing them, you can expect stains and decay for the same reasons mentioned above. Always follow our recommended daily care.

Don’t Skip Dental Hygiene Sessions

You might imagine that your Invisalign treatment trays are acting as a protective covering of your teeth. However, they’re not. Plaque and saliva and possibly some food particles are making their way against your teeth as always, which means it is still just as essential that you practice your dental hygiene sessions twice daily (and you will likely brush and floss more often, as we have suggested, after eating meals or snacks).

Enjoy A Successful Experience With Invisalign

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