Q&A: Don’t Let GERD Destroy Your Smile

If you are a patient who has GERD then you can make one of two decisions. First, you may choose to ignore the problem and allow the acids to damage your esophagus and potentially lead to oral health damage, as well. Or, you may decide to face the issue head on, to manage it, and to ensure your smile incurs no injury thanks to your proactive prevention. Which will you choose? If you’re interested in protecting your teeth, we suggest getting started with some questions (and answers).

Questions and Answers

Question: I thought GERD could cause problems for my stomach and my esophagus. How does it have anything to do with my oral health?

Answer: Think about how you feel when you experience acid reflux. Do you have a strange taste in your mouth or ever feel the acid enter your mouth? When this happens, the acid begins to erode your teeth.

Question: Can’t I just get treatment to keep my acids in check?

Answer: Yes! That is the best thing you can do to limit the acids that your teeth become exposed to and that lead to damage.

Question: So, if I’m getting treatment for GERD, should I still come in for a dental checkup with you?

Answer: Yes, you should continue to come in for your twice-annual appointments. You should also schedule a visit between those checkups (if it’s not almost time for your next one), so we can check on your oral health for any signs of acid erosion that requires treatment.

Control GERD To Keep Teeth Safe

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