Q&A: Is My Smoking Causing My Halitosis?

Are you a cigarette smoker? Have you been wondering about smoking and halitosis lately? If so, you may be having trouble determining whether your habit is the cause of your bad breath, if you’re missing something, and why your efforts in dental hygiene don’t seem to be completely paying off. Fortunately, we’ve got the answers you’re looking for with a Q&A session.

Questions and Answers

Question: A close friend recently told me that my breath smells bad because of my smoking but I haven’t noticed my breath smelling bad. What should I think about this?

Answer: Unfortunately, if you’ve been smoking for a while, you may not notice the smell of smoke after you finish a cigarette. Your friend (presumably a non-smoker) does notice it. A trip to our practice is a good step toward honest answers and helpful suggestions.

Question: Is it possible that it’s just my cigarette smoking that is causing my halitosis? I do take good care of my teeth.

Answer: Even if you brush and floss and remain consistent with your dental care visits, you may still be having a problem simply due to smoking. Residue from tobacco can remain on teeth, in your mouth, and in your throat. Even though you’re diligent about care, bad breath may persist.

Question: I heard that dry mouth can result in bad breath. Does smoking have something to do with this?

Answer: If your mouth feels sticky or dry quite often, you may be suffering from dry mouth, which does contribute to halitosis because bacteria are able to multiply (since saliva doesn’t get rid of them). Smoking makes this issue worse! This may be your problem. Come see us for a definitive diagnosis.

Quit Smoking To Erase Bad Breath

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