Understanding Preventive Care

When we talk with patients about preventive care, we often get some strange looks when we discuss prevention and problems that already exist. You know that the idea of preventing issues means avoiding them but you might not know that within this realm is also the idea of stopping problems early in their development from progressing. To do what, you wonder? To prevent damage. Learn a bit more regarding particular areas of care, so you understand how this all works in your favor.

With TMJ Disorder And Bruxism

If you’re dealing with a functional disorder like TMJ disorder or bruxism, the problem will have already begun to develop once we (or you) notice it. Does that mean that it’s too late for preventive care? Nope! We refer to our treatments as “prevention” because we are either cushioning your teeth or protecting your jaw joints to stop potential damage from occurring. As a result, you can avoid any additional strain, teeth damage, and discomfort. When considering the actual problem itself, we can ease the situation, so you can regain improved function.

With Dental Hygiene

Now, for the preventive care you’re more familiar with, let’s focus on hygiene-related problems. We suggest cleanings, checkups, and home care to help you avoid bacteria-related issues like gingivitis, cavities, and infection. When you get rid of the bacteria on your dental surfaces, you prevent them from being able to erode or infect tissue. Again, we strive to prevent damage. Have you been keeping up with your visits? If not, we encourage you to get back on track by contacting us as soon as you can!

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