Your Teeth: Questions About Numbers

When you start thinking about your smile, you may find yourself headed down a bit of an analytical path. How many teeth should I have, you may wonder? Is it important to have all four wisdom teeth? We would be happy to help you sort out the basic details of your smile and its anatomy, so you feel you have a solid foundation for understanding your oral health.

Questions and Answers

Question: How many teeth should I have? Should my child have fewer teeth?

Answer: When all is said and done (as in, your four wisdom teeth have grown in, as well), you should have 32 teeth making up your adult smile. As for your children, they will have fewer teeth. Your little one (if he or she still has baby teeth) will have a complete set of only 20 teeth (before permanent teeth begin showing up).

Question: It is important that I have all four of my wisdom teeth?

Answer: No. As a result, it’s perfectly well and good to have a full set of adult teeth that includes 28 teeth. You don’t need your third molars, they commonly cause problems for your oral health and require removal, and do not require replacement.

Question: What if I don’t have 28 teeth as an adult because of oral surgery for orthodontic care? Is this bad for my oral health?

Answer: If you had permanent teeth removed as part of your orthodontic treatment, you have nothing to worry about. This is common and is only done when it supports the long-term health of your smile. In most instances, it frees up room to address overcrowding.

Feel Informed About Your Smile

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