Dental Implants: Simple, Common Questions

Your introduction to dental implants may be quite surprising, particularly if you had no idea you could replace not only the visible part of your missing tooth but the entire thing. While the initial information about the basics and the benefits are all well and good, you may notice that you have some simple questions you feel you really need answered before you can actually become excited about implants as an option. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered!

Questions and Answers

Question: Am I too young for dental implants? Is my child too young?

Answer: If you are an adult, you’re not too young for implants. This is a wonderful option for replacing missing teeth for any adult (whose jawbone is strong and healthy enough). If it’s for a child, remember that implants are only appropriate for fully developed jawbones. As a result, it’s often only an option for your son or daughter when he or she has reached late teen years or early 20s.

Question: Should I ask for a dental implant to replace my wisdom tooth after it’s removed? What happens to my oral health after this procedure?

Answer: No. There is no reason to replace wisdom teeth because they are not necessary. Whether you elect to have them removed or we remove them to protect your smile, replacement is never suggested. Your oral health will experience improved protection once wisdom teeth (which can lead to hygiene challenges and damage) are gone.

Question: How long until I have my dental implant and I can move on with my life?

Answer: Dental implants require a process including multiple steps. The journey will require several months to a year or so for completion, some of which depends on your body’s natural healing process.

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