Oral Piercings: What To Consider

When you’re tossing around the idea of receiving an oral piercing, it’s important to consider the pros and cons. As far as we are concerned, the cons stack up quite considerably as a piercing applies to your oral health. While we will certainly be happy to help you care for your smile whether you go through with the piercing or not, we encourage you to take a long, hard glance as the possible complications.

It’s An Easy Infection Site

When you pierce your tongue or any other tissue, you create a wound. This means your tissues are open, making them susceptible to the invasion of bacteria and the development of an infection. While you can make the necessary efforts to keep the area clean, it’s often difficult to combat the constant onslaught of bacteria that reside in your mouth. As you might imagine, it’s not a lot of fun to deal with an infected tongue.

You’re Gambling With Your Teeth

An oral piercing isn’t something that might cause a bit of irritation for a while and then present no further threat. Instead, just like we suggest avoiding ice, hard foods, and nibbling on your pen to avoid damage to your teeth, you will find we extend the same warning due to your piercing. It can fracture, chip, crack, scrape, and break a tooth. The end result can include some costly and complex tooth repair.

There Are Hidden Dangers

In rare instances, your tongue may become quite swollen in response to an oral piercing, potentially obstructing your airways. In other cases, if it makes consistent contact with your gums, you can end up with gum recession and all the problems that come with it (such as sensitivity and even eventual tooth loss).

Seek Guidance For Oral Health Choices

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