Q&A: Am I Too Old For Invisalign?

Are you interested in Invisalign treatment for a straighter smile for yourself or your child but you’re worried about age? Maybe you’re too old, you think. Perhaps your child isn’t the right age yet. For answers specific to you, schedule a consultation! For some general assistance, consider our question-and-answer session to get started.

Questions and Answers

Question: Am I too old for Invisalign treatment? How about my children, are they too young?

Answer: Generally speaking, the only qualification for this question is whether a patient has lost all of his or her baby teeth and all of the permanent teeth have fully grown in. While additional details for candidacy are considered on a case by case basis, there is no particular age limit.

Question: Am I too old to choose orthodontic treatment to align my smile in general? What if I don’t qualify for Invisalign treatment, does that mean I’m out of options?

Answer: Not at all. If you wish to align your smile, you are never too old. If Invisalign is not the best solution for you, we may refer you to a trusted orthodontist to explore other avenues of improvement.

Question: I worry that maybe it’s silly for me to align my teeth. Can you offer me any reasons that will help me feel like I’m doing something beneficial for my smile by choosing Invisalign treatment? Sometimes I worry it’s simply for vanity’s sake and that I shouldn’t go through with it.

Answer: First, feeling positive about your appearance is good for your confidence, so there’s no reason to feel guilty about a straight smile! As for additional details, an aligned smile is much easier to keep healthy because there are no open or tight spaces to yield challenging hygiene. It also protects you against bruxism and TMJ disorder.

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