Q&A: Lemons And Your Smile

Perhaps you are someone who is quite the enthusiast of nature’s sunniest fruit. While lemons certainly pack a powerful punch of flavor and are present in many classic favorites from desserts to beverages, they’re not always healthy. Yes, they are full of nutrients that can benefit your health. However, they can also result in some serious damage to your teeth and oral health. Find out more, so you know where you stand (particularly if you’re a frequenter of lemonade stands!).

Questions and Answers

Question: I’ve heard that lemonade can be bad for my oral health? What if it’s sugar free? Is it safe then?

Answer: It’s always bad for your smile, unfortunately. While sugar can make matters worse, the mixture of lemon and water is acidic. This means it will soften and erode your enamel (the outer, protective layer of your teeth). This can cause weakening of your teeth, cavities, and more. So, remember to follow that lemonade with a glass of water.

Question: I’ve seen online that people are whitening their smiles with lemons and baking soda. Is this a safe natural way to make my smile brighter?

Answer: This is absolutely not a safe plan. Particularly if you use it over and over, you will destroy your enamel. Unfortunately, this may actually guide you toward yellower looking teeth because the less enamel you have, the more yellow your teeth may appear. If you want whiter teeth, come see us. (Hint: That baking soda will scrape up your enamel, as well).

Question: So, what else is it that lemons do to my smile that makes them so dangerous?

Answer: In addition to softening your enamel and leading to all sorts of potential oral health problems, the acidic nature of the lemons will also cause gum irritation. Limit your intake of these fruits (and remember that rinsing with water is very helpful).

Protect Your Smile From Sneaky Culprits

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